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From Molly Shepard, M.A.

Psychic Molly Shepard

Reverend Molly Shepard, M.A. is an ordained minister, licensed private detective,and is a natural born gypsy fortune teller. She has her Masters Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Women's Spirituality.

In her 20+years as a full time psychic, Molly empowers women through life decisions, relationship issues, and offers exceptional guidance to those on a spiritual path. She has a keen insight on pregnancy and fertility.

All of the staff at Natural Mom.com have had readings from her and we loved it!! She was right on with our issues, and offered straight to the point clarity.

Molly is one of the Nation's Best Psychics, and we highly recommend her. You can contact her via email, and tell her that Natural Mom.com sent you for a discounted rate. appointments@mollyshepardonline.com

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