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Free Energy Solutions from Natural Mom.Com and Joyous Energy.Com

It's time to let the energy be free, to allow people to live simply without the need to use oil or fossil fuels for energy.  It is now well known that free energy inventions have been created by people around the world, but they were hidden or eliminated by big oil companies so that we would continue to pay for energy.  From Tesla's Tower to cars that run on water, the sky is the limit for possibilities with free energy inventions.

Today there are several wise inventors who have brought us simple solutions to create free energy for our car and home.  Check out each inventor to see which project your family would like to try.  All the inventions listed here provide simple instructions on how to create the free energy invention yourself at home.  Most projects cost under $100 to create for a lifetime of free energy. Click on the books for more information. Let us know what you create and how successful your family project is.

Teslas Secret to Free Energy

Free electricity from inventor Nickola Tesla.  It does not use solar or wind, but invisible gamma rays to provide endless free energy for your home. A DIY of a simple and easy to construct device for free energy.
Magnetic Generator
Our easy-to-follow guide, you will be able create a Magnetic Power Generator which creates absolutely free energy, and doesn't require any resource like wind or solar energy to function.
Edisons Current

This is the only device that successfully generates power from the ground, harnessing the electric current contained in the earth core.
Water Fuel for your Car!

Use this simple invention to increase your gas milage with water!  It will triple your mileage and not hurt your car or your warranty.

The Ema Generator

Anyone regardless of technical skill can create their own FREE energy from home with a shocking secret that has been suppressed for years.

Free Energy Blueprint
The blueprint is a guide for building a free magnetic energy generator. With over 50 pages of detailed and easily understandable information, in only few hours from now you can be saving on your power bill.
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Please share your experiences with FREE ENERGY INVENTIONS.  
Let others know what you've tried and what worked for you.

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